Asmr Slicing Mod Apk

Download ASMR Slicing Mod APK for a soothing game of slicing. Use rare knifes with the unlimited money from the Mod app.

App Details
Name ASMR Slicing
Package com.crazylabs.asmr.cut
Updated 2020-05-13
Publisher Crazy Labs by TabTale
Category Simulation
Version 1.3.0
Sizes 61M
Requires 4.4
Price Free


Internet has become home to all things random and weird that even the most mundane of things can go viral. In recent years, people on worldwide web have developed a fascination on munching on food in front of a microphone. Others would record any item that can create sound. A microphone with high sensitivity is used so they would speak in a hushed tone. They do all these to get an ASMR experience.

ASMR Slicing incorporates the delight in slicing all kinds of things with the satisfying feeling from an ASMR. For each item sliced, an accompanying sound from the contact of the blade slicing through an item can be heard.


ASMR Slicing is a slicing simulation game that combines the charm of ASMR. Entering the game, you will be presented with different items to cut on a table. The objects will slowly glide their way to the edge of the table. You need cue the knife at the right time before it completely falls to the ground. To cut the object, you only need to drag down the knife when the right proportion is reached.

Every level has a mission for you to accomplish. This includes the following:

  • Cut the object to a set number of pieces
  • Cut the object to a specific weight
  • Finding hidden items within the object

A mystery object will be unraveled as you complete a set of levels. It is shown as a blank silhouette that gets filled up with color as you succeed in the missions. Once it is completely revealed, you can choose to put it in the chopping table.


ASMR Slicing showcases impressive 3D graphics. It gets very satisfying as you get to slice through all kinds of objects. It can be a dessert, fruit, and then it gets weirder and shifts to cup, aquarium, soil, rubber ducky, and toilet paper. You can even cut a virus to pieces!

It appeals both to the sense of sight and hearing. The audio seals the whole experience that seems to lull you. A cutting mark reflects on the object which makes for an easy gameplay.

ASMR Slicing Mod APK Free Download

Combine fun and chill in your free time. Satisfy your fixation for cutting anything without harming yourself. Make your gaming experience more exciting when you download ASMR Slicing for Android. Unlock all the knives available and become a slicing master.

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