Bake It Mod Apk

Download Bake It Mod APK and be the game’s ultimate baker. Get the most of the features and impress your customers.

App Details
Name Bake it
Package com.kwalee.bakeit
Updated 2020-05-26
Publisher Kwalee Ltd
Category Casual
Version 1.2.1
Sizes 59M
Requires 4.4W
Price Free


Do you have a passion for baking? Have you ever dreamt of having your bakeshop? Let all your dreams come to life—at least in the virtual world—with Bake It.

Bake It is a unique puzzle game in the form of baking. This baking simulation app brings the fun of creating beautiful pastries and breads into mobile gaming. Experience a fun and relaxing gameplay as you satisfy the demands of your customers.

Lots of pastry goodness are in store. You can even use them as inspirations for your next baking project in real life. Bake your way to winning the hearts of your customers and make your bakeshop the talk of the town.


Bake It presents a wide array of breads and pastry menu for you to assemble. Upon entering the game, you will find yourself in a rather empty bakeshop. You are initially provided basic baking equipment and tools, as well as ingredients. Customers will start pouring in so get ready with your molder, dough, oven, and what not. You are now open for business!

Each customer will be coming to your shop with an order in mind. Make sure to be attentive to the details of their orders as they vary from time to time. They come in different shapes and toppings that you need to properly put together. Start by getting the right molder, fill it with dough, and then add the requested glaze or toppings. The glaze comes in different colors and patterns while the toppings include berries, nuts, sprinkles, and many more.

The orders will get more complicated as you advance in the levels so you have to keep your equipment and tools updated. Upgrade them using the coins you earn. Another exciting feature is that you have the chance to create your own kind of bread. Decide for yourself the shape, color, glaze, and toppings of your own masterpiece. Earn extra points for each creation.


Playing Bake It makes you feel like you have entered a colorful dreamland. It has a dainty display of graphics that make the gaming experience a charming one. The splash of colors is such a visual treat.

Gamers of all ages are sure to appreciate this as it is easy to play. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you bake with just a few clicks.


Build your reputation as the town’s best baker and attract all the customers to your shop. Get into the craze with Bake It Mod APK Free Download. Fill your shelves with your best creations by getting access to all the upgrades. Unlock all features with the unlimited money from this Mod app.

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