Bubble Shooter Mod Apk

Download Bubble Shooter MOD APK and get started with blowing up bubbles with your perfect strategies. You are sure to get addicted to this engaging gameplay.

App Details
Name Bubble Shooter
Package bubbleshooter.orig
Updated 2020-04-13
Publisher Bubble Shooter
Category Casual
Version 11.0.2
Sizes 25.22 MB
Requires 4.1
Price Free

A Perfect Analysis of Bubble Shooter

What could be more fun than point and shoot games? With relaxed and easy-to-play gaming content, you will enjoy each and every moment of playtime with Bubble Shooter.

The system requirements of this game are extremely low, making it suitable to be run perfectly on a low configuration mobile device.

If you are a fan of high resolution/realistic/3D graphics, this game might not appeal to you. Its because you’ll find simple 2D graphics throughout the gameplay.

It lacks good background music and audios. It's rather simple when it comes to the audio part. However, if you want to listen to more appealing music while playing, you might need to play songs from your local playlist.

Clear and Simple Gameplay with easiest controls

There cannot be anything easier than playing Bubble SHooter. No need to hurry or fight against the clock. Its rather smooth and relaxed gameplay.

You operate a bubble shooter. You aim to shoot the given bubble to the bubbles residing above on the screen.

The challenging part is that the bubble that you are going to shoot must go and hit those of the same color.

Shoot to make a combination of 3 or more bubbles all together to vanish them from the screen. As time passes, the bubbles will start to move downwards, resulting in GAME OVER once they reach your shooter.

With all this you get:

  •  Puzzle game mode to discover the ultimate bubble popping fun
  •  More than 3000 levels
  •  Colorblind mode
  • Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock fireball and 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb

And the list goes on!

Classic 2D graphics

You might not get excited to see the simple and classic 2D graphics. It might also kill the gaming mood of some users. However, you’ll still enjoy playing Bubble Shooter.

None of the objects in the game show off detailing features. That might be boring for many players.

The background colors are rather ugly and simple too. If you are concerned about the animations, no good news here. All the object movement is rough and average.

Overall, the visuals and front-end are just okay. However, it does not make the game unplayable.

MOD APK Features

So what if the graphics failed to impress you? There is always a room for other extended features of Bubble Shooter:

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  •  Bubble Shooter MOD APK all levels unlocked to get all the levels unlocked right from the beginning
  • Available for free to download and play
  • Encourages users to proceed for in-app purchases to their users
  • Heavy implementation of advertisements
  • ·No internet connection needed


Bubble Shooter is a simple and classic bubble shooting/popping game. The gameplay makes users go on and on doing the same task, which might bore many users easily.

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