Coin Master

Download Coin Master and play with friends and millions of people around the world. Spin, raid, and attack to take your Viking village to the top.

App Details
Name Coin Master
Package com.moonactive.coinmaster
Updated 2020-07-23
Publisher Moon Active
Category Casual
Version 3.5.140
Sizes Varies with device
Requires 4.1
Price Free

Overview of the Game

Coin Master is a casual mobile game that is played in single-player mode. This game was created by Moon Active which is an Israeli studio. The game recorded over 80 million downloads in 2019, after its release.

You can play this game with your friends on Facebook and also with people from all over the world. The goal is to take your Viking village to the top. This can be done through spins, attacks, and raids.

Show that you can what it takes, and download Coin Master. Take a trip to the magical lands, and battle to become the best Hippie, Pirate, Warrior, King, or Viking.

Exhilarating Gameplay

Winning coins is the main objective of this game. This is to make upgrades easier and also to build villages. It is important to note that the game makes use of some gambling mechanics even though it’s an adventure game.

Attacking villages of other players or building villages is done by making use of spins. These spins help in winning coins. However, only seven attempts can be made every hour. Additional items and attempts can be bought in chests.

Here are some key things to know about the gameplay of Coin Master:


Advancing to the next village is only possible to have you’ve finished building a village. It is important to note that the levels become more challenging as you progress in the game.


What’s amazing about this game is that every village has its own characters. Coin Master features mythological characters like warriors, witches, queens, and wizards. The game’s protagonist, which is also known as the tour guide, is the pig.

The pig is places in all promotion art and events of the game.


There are more than 200 themed village adventures for players to explore. Examples of some of these villages are the Buddhist village, LA dreams, Hell’s village and many more.

Other villages in the game include Steampunk Land, Magical Forest, and Coin Manor. It is important to note that there are five items in villages. These items can include pets, transportation, characters, items from nature, and homes.


There are three pets in the game, namely Rhino, Tiger, and Foxy. These pets were designed to provide help for players so that they can collect more coins. Raising pets can be achieved by using XP potions to increasing their XP, or by giving them treats.



Acquiring a fortune in this game can be done by winning and spinning, raiding a player’s fortune. It can also be done by attacking other players. Five shields in addition to the pet Rhino can be used in providing defense for villages.

One of the amazing things about the game is that players can carry out revenge attacks. This helps in countering attacks from other players

Card Collection

This is a very popular feature of Coin Master. Collecting and trading cards is another thing that players try to achieve when playing the game. The aim of collecting these cards is to win the most sought-after rewards, including pet experience, spins and more.

These cards can be gotten from different chests by making use of coins. It is important to note that the values of cards are not the same. Also, it is usually hard to find some of the rarest cards, compared to the common ones. These cards can also be traded in the game’s online communities.

Tips for Beginners

Coin Master is undoubtedly an amazing game, and here are some tips for beginners:

Raid and Attack Other Vikings!

Making use of the slot machine is not the only way to earn coins in this game. Coins can be stolen. You can raid and attack your enemies, and even your friends. This will help you to save enough loot so that you can build your own village.

Ensure you win every attack and raid, and you can also carry out revenge attacks on people that attached you. This will allow you to regain lost loots.
Raids and attacks eliminate the need for breaking the piggy bank for more money.

Collect Cards

As mentioned above, there are different cards, each of which has different values. The game is all about treasures. Complete sets by collecting cards to allow you to move to another village. Wins increase as more villages are conquered.

Play with Friends

The game provides the option of connecting with friends on Facebook and playing with them. Doing this will provide an avenue for cards to be traded through the online community of the game.

Earn Loot from Spins

There is a wheel to spin, and this can land you a huge fortune. Whether its an attack time, shields, loot or raid, always spin the wheels. Landing on gold sacks or coins will help you to win loots. This will also allow you to build stronger villages in the game and advance to higher levels.

Shields can also be won, and this will provide protection for your village, and prevent attacks from your enemies.

Where to Get the Game

Coin Master boasts of amazing and addicting gameplay. Download the game now so that you can become a coin master, and own the strongest village.

Visit the following links if you want to download the game:

- Android:

- Apple Gadgets:


Join millions from different parts of the world in playing this amazing game. Download the game now to battle with friends and foes. Advance through different levels, and build different villages. Make your village the strongest and also the richest.


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