Idle Slice and Dice Mod Apk

Download Slice and Dice 2.2.6 MOD APK and bring out the slicing ninja in you. This game is definitely going to leave an unforgettable impact and become the everlasting game in your game collection.

App Details
Name Idle Slice and Dice
Package com.gpp.sliceanddice
Updated 2020-02-25
Publisher Green Panda Games
Category Simulation
Version 2.2.6
Sizes 44MB
Requires 4.4
Price Free

Pinpoint Analysis of Slice and Dice

The game features an anime and cartoon graphics, that will make you remind of your favorite anime.

The animations and graphics are very funny and entertaining, which will make your mind relaxed after playing for a short time.

The game is designed in such a way, that it is meant for those who love to play tycoon games.

The music used in the game is very entertaining and is sure to affect your mind and body when you listen to it carefully for some time.

Attractive Gameplay

The user will find itself as a factory owner, where he/she slices and dices many types of fruits and vegetables and other items.

The user is supposed to manage their cutting factory, and the objective of the game is to earn as much money as possible.

The money-earning script and gameplay will make the player more interested because money, of course, makes everyone interested and crazy.

The user owns a factory, where they slice and dice different food items. Sometimes they slice a piece of vegetable, while sometimes; they might end up cutting food items in different shapes with the help of cutting stencils.

Dedicated to specially targeted players

The game is best suited to specially targeted players around the world. It is best suitable for players who love tycoon games, where they play and earn money by doing virtual business, just like in this game’s case.

This game is also best for those cutting lovers who love to cut, slice, dice and slit stuff for fun.

The game is dedicated to those players who have would love to bring out their inner ninja by playing this game.

MOD APK Features

  • Visually anime and cartoon graphics.
  • Attractive and entertaining music.
  • Heavy advertisements implemented inside the game.
  • Encourages users to go for in-app purchases.


Slice and Dice 2.2.6 MOD APK is a simulation game, which lets players manage their cutting factory and slice, dice, chop, cut and slit different things and stuff for fun to earn virtual game money. The game is best suitable for players who love to play business games and cut, slit, slice and dice different stuff just for fun.

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