Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk

Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK 1.16.1 to enjoy a stellar experience of the adrenaline-filled mobile game.

App Details
Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Package zombie.survival.craft.z
Updated 2020-02-20
Publisher Kefir!
Category Action
Version 1.16.3
Sizes 51.09 MB
Requires 4.1
Price Free

Last Day on Earth exemplifies the players’ survival tactics to overcome zombies carrying a killer virus out to wipe the world’s population. To achieve this, the player must create support systems to protect themselves from the zombies.

The game is characterized by thrilling episodes that require quick and accurate judgment. The player has to give up everything else and concentrate on defeating the quickly-spreading zombies. At the same time, the player can team up with friends to collect food and other defensive tools without getting into contact with the zombies!

To even have a better experience, the player can download the modified Last Day on Earth MOD APK 1.16.1. This version enables the players to activate or deactivate unique features such as:

  • Free Craft (craft without items). Helps players to have free construction of shelters (with no building requirements) which is ideal for starters
  • Quick Map Travel. Energy is not wasted when walking/exploring
  • Free and quick updates (without the necessary elements)
  • Infinite weapon and armor strength to overcome the zombies

Additionally, the players have unlimited skills to duplicate items (divide the items to add more) which enables them to enjoy the game regardless of their gaming skills.

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