Muscle clicker Gym Mod Apk

Download Muscle Clicker Gym to train your character in a simulated gym to earn money and experience. The game is definitely one of the best game-credits earning game which you will love to play for a long time.

App Details
Name Muscle clicker: Gym game
Package com.barsukstudio.muscleclicker
Updated 2020-01-13
Publisher Barsuk Studio
Category Simulation
Version 1.4.5
Sizes 7.5M
Requires 5.0
Price Free

A Precise Analysis of Muscle Clicker Gym

The game is designed to deliver simple cartoon-style graphics, where every object including player is simple.

The game does not make use of heavy graphics, hence making it suitable to be played on mobile devices with low hardware configuration.

The game is simple to play. User clicks on the screen, leading their character to train or workout in the simulated gym.

The music and audio used in the game are simple, making the game’s overall performance normal, and suitable for entertainment and time-pass purpose.

Simple graphics and audio/music

The game features simple graphics. The graphics are designed to appear like simple drawings, making it look like vintage cartoons.

The game does not use realistic graphics. The game is limited to simple 2D drawings, making it a lightweight mobile game.

The music used in the game is simple just like its 2D graphics. Short audio clips are featured in different parts of the game such as working out audio, player screaming audio, etc.

The game uses some lightweight background music too.

Extremely easy gameplay

The game features a character, who needs to train his body by working out in the gym as hard as possible.

The player starts with a skinny guy and progresses as he builds up some muscles.

The player advances by making his character working out and training in the gym.

The user does so by clicking on the screen, and with every click, the character animates to workout in the game.

The frequency of clicks is directly proportional to the frequency of the character’s workout.

MOD APK Features

  • Mod No Skill CD
  • Heavy implementation of advertisements
  • Encourages users to go for in-app purchases
  • Support Android 10


Muscle Clicker Gym is a gym simulation game, where player trains their character to workout hard in the simulated gym in the game. The objective of the game is to train the character as hard as possible to make him a hunk. For this, the player clicks on the screen to make the character work out in the game. Fast clicking makes character workout fast, and slow click results in slow workout speed. The player advances in the game and earns money and experience (inside the game). The game is definitely a lovable game for all the gym and workout lovers, who has a flair to workout.

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