Mutants Genetic Gladiators Mod Apk

Download Mutants Genetic Gladiators Mod APK and guide your army of mutants to victory. Enjoy unlimited gold for continuous gameplay.

App Details
Name Mutants Genetic Gladiators
Package com.kobojo.mutants
Updated 2020-04-23
Publisher Celsius online
Category Action
Version 70.416.163995
Sizes Varies with device
Requires 4.1
Price Free


Enter the world of mutants and be the best Psy Captain. Battle it out among the beastly creatures which are products of scientists’ interference on genes.

Mutants Genetic Gladiators is a hot offering from Celsius Online. It is a turn-based fighting game among the cross bred mutants. If X-Men has Professor X, this game has a Psy Captain which will be played by you. Build your reputation as the leader of your mutant army by collecting the most powerful on deck and training them.

There are six types of genes these monstrous beings hail from: Sabre, Necro, Cyber, Zoomorph, Galactic and Mythic. From these genes, you can collect over 300 powerful mutants. Unravel the secret combinations to producing your unbeatable warriors.

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Gameplay

Prepare for relentless battles with the Mutants Genetic Gladiators. Mix and match genes to cross breed your mighty army.

As you enter the game, you will be welcomed by a sponsor named, Eva. It is revealed that she has invited you to become the organization’s Psy Captain. The word Psy is inspired by your psychic ability to control your mutant gladiators. For the introductory level, she will give you starting gold to initiate the first cross breeding in the Breeding Center.

Cross breeding happens when genes reach 100% of mutosterone. One example cross breeding is between a Warrior and a Zombie. After the merging of the genes, the lottery will announce the kind of mutant to be produced. This will result to the creation of a larva which shall be then incubated. You can speed up the cross breeding and incubating time by using your gold.

You can review the information about the fight prior to its commencement. You will need at least 3 mutants to get into the arena. Get your friends to help you in the fights by connecting to FB and including them in your Tag Team list. The order of attacks will be shown at the top screen. Slide your finger to the right hand part of the screen to select a target. Click on your teammate to help you with the other rounds.

After you win the game, your mutants will gain experience and mutosterone which are to increase their strength and enable you to breed more mutants.

Amazing Comic-Like Graphics

Mutants Genetic Gladiators has epic display of 2D graphics that is reminiscent of the Marvel Comics. You are sure to get hooked in the wide selection of these cross-bred warriors. Prepare to be amazed with the special visual and sound effects.

Mod APK Features

Don’t get held back by the cross breeding and incubation time. Mutants Genetic Gladiators Mod APK Latest Version gives you unlimited gold for relentless combat play. Be the most powerful Psy Captain with your unstoppable warriors.

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