My Cat

Download My Cat to play and start earning money when you win. Enjoy the easy and straightforward gameplay, as well as the fast payouts.

App Details
Name My Cat - Attract Wealth
Updated 2020-07-15
Publisher Maple Studios
Category Strategy
Version 1.1.2
Sizes 28M
Requires 4.1
Price Free

Analysis of the Game

My Cat is the game for you if you have been thinking of getting a pet for a while. With this game, you can get a cat and cater to its need. This will make both you and the Cat happy.

My Cat was developed and published by Maple Studios, after which it was released in 2020 mainly for Android devices. This game boasts of different amazing features in addition to earning money when you win.

The ultimate goal of the game is to merge cats. You’ll get paid when you merge cats. This is a self-explanatory game, with features that are easy to navigate. What this means is that you’ll easily understand everything as soon as you start.

Earning more coupons would increase your chances of getting to the minimum payment threshold. Hitting this target is completely achievable, and the payout system that is used by the game is a reliable one.

This game was recently released, but currently has about 1 million downloads on the app store. The number is sure to increase because players love the game, and everybody wants to make money.

What’s amazing about the app is that it has a beautiful interface, which an amazing graphics and color combination. The game was well-designed, and its gameplay is highly addictive. You’ll find yourself playing the game for hours.


Another amazing feature of this game is that it offers beginner bonuses to players. The aim of this is to help them hit the minimum payment threshold at a faster rate. A start-up bonus of up to 30k coupons is given to players. Players can also gain up to $20 within the first day.

Much emphasis is placed on the fact that the gameplay and overall user interface is easy to understand. However, it is important to note that the game gets tougher as you play.

This is not to discourage players from playing the game. The aim is to make it more competitive for players so that they’re not easily bored when playing the game.

Getting Started with the Game

One of the amazing things about the game is that getting started with it is easy. All you have to do is download the game, and install it. With this mobile game, you’ll be able to earn money through coupons.

You’re ready to start playing as soon as you’ve installed the game. It is important to note that the main goal of the game is to cats of the same levels. Doing this will allow you to unlock cats of new levels, and you’ll be rewarded with coupons.

The payment system of the game is flexible enough, and $1 is equivalent to 10k coupons. This is one of the mobile games with a gaming interface that is very easy to understand. Rest assured that you will get it easily.

To further understand the gameplay of this game, here’s what you must know; When two cats are at the same level, they should be merged. For example, if two cats are in level 1, merging them would give you a level 2 cat.

Only cats of the same levels are to be combined so that you can earn more coins. Earning more coins makes upgrade easier. It is important to note that upgrade sooner would make the game easier. Therefore, in addition to merging cats, upgrading to the highest level is another goal to achieve.

One of the benefits you would enjoy when you upgrade to the highest level is more coins. My Cat is an amazing game to play, not only for fun but also the money.

A question that is often asked about the game is the payout system that is used. The major method of payment used by the app is PayPal. What’s certain is that newer payment methods would be included in the nearest future.

As mentioned above, every 10k coupon that is won is equivalent to $1. However, withdrawals can only be made from $50. This implies that for withdrawal to be possible, you must have won up to 500k coupons. With a value this high, you might want to think it is unachievable.

Getting 500k coupons is completely achievable, especially with the easy to understand the gameplay, as shown above. Once you get to 500k coupons, you can request to withdraw the money through PayPal.

What to Know About the Payment Method?

As mentioned above, players get paid through PayPal. It is usually advised to withdraw money as soon as you get to the minimum payment threshold of $50.
The payment method is easy, and the fact that a popular and reliable payment platform is used makes it amazing. Here’s the process to follow to get paid.

Simply click on the balance option, which is located at the top.

Select a PayPal amount and then proceed to withdraw. It is important to ensure that you make use of the right PayPal email to avoid losing your money. A notification email would be sent to your PayPal email. Your payment would then be processed within 3 to 15 working days.

Where to Get the Game

A summary of the main features of the game includes: Unlocking cats to win rewards, merge, development and idle, collecting cats each with different meanings.
Download the game now to enjoy these features. Visit the following links to download the game:

• Android:

• Apple Gadgets:


My Cat is not a regular game. This game is different in not only its gameplay but also its ability to reward players with money. Download the game now to reach the minimum payment threshold.


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