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Download Recharge Please! for Android and learn why they say, “simple is sweet.” This game would make a great past time for anybody looking to just flip out their phone and have something to do without an Internet connection.

App Details
Name Recharge Please!
Package com.charge.them.all
Updated 2020-06-05
Publisher Geisha Tokyo, Inc.
Category Puzzle
Version 1.4.2
Sizes 50M
Requires 4.1
Price Free

A Unique Insight to Recharge Please!

Pretty much everybody owns a phone these days. You got your Samsung users, and your iPhone users. Not to mention, everything in between and beyond. So, it stands to reason that everybody can relate to the problem of charging their phones, at one level or another.

Recharge Please! brilliantly takes uses the concept of needing to charge your phone into a simple game.
Recharge Please mod

Your objective is to get the phones on the screen to full battery. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how many different sockets are needed to fit different chargers.

Find the right combinations to fit every plug into the right spot. Nobody knows what we would be doing if we didn’t have our phones charged and ready to use!

Special Features of Recharge Please!

Intellectual Development: The puzzles in the game take a unique approach for each level. The game has cleverly designed different holes and sockets to keep you thinking on your feet. Your brain gets a developmental workout.

Simple Mechanics: This game does an outstanding job when it comes to keeping things simple. It involves a basic “drag and drop” element that lets you play with ease and relaxation.

Plenty of Levels: You may be assured as you play this game that it won’t end very quickly. There are dozens of stages and each stage takes more time to solve. This game will fulfill your puzzle game requirements for several weeks at least.

Comfortable Gameplay

All you really need is one finger to play the game. This makes it the perfect companion for those moments in life when minimalism is needed!

Simply tap and place the chargers where you think they should go.
Recharge Please mod apk download

The game starts of fairly easy, but then quickly has you attempt to progress from more difficult levels. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to think too much to solve these puzzles. Just pay attention to how the different shapes can be placed together.

Recharge Please! MOD APK Latest Version

If you’re looking for the best way to play this game, then download the Recharge Please MOD APK.

The main features of the modified version give you:

  • No Advertisements
  • Every level unlocked
    Recharge Please mod apk


Recharge Please! does a spectacular job for you if you’re looking to kill some time. Sometimes all we need is to make the seconds go by faster. It is recommended for anyone wanting to use minimal effort to play a game!

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