Super Sniper Mod Apk

Download Super Sniper! MOD APK for android, and put yourself behind the scope of an elite assassin. You’ll start by taking out weaker targets, but progress to experience more challenging scenarios!

App Details
Name Super Sniper!
Package com.mitochondriastudios.supersniper
Updated 2020-05-22
Publisher VOODOO
Category Action
Version 1.7.3
Sizes 70M
Requires 4.4
Price Free

Important Details about Super Sniper!

Super Sniper! takes place in an animated stickman world where the only thing that matters is completing the mission.

As a sniper, you take on numerous levels of an elevated city. Your targets are all on the platform in front of you, and your goal is to take out every one of them.

Don’t take this game too casually though. It’s not as easy as it first appears.

As you progress through the game your enemies get tougher and stronger. Pretty soon the gameplay goes from being a simple shooting game to a game of strategy. You will have to carefully choose your approach. Furniture and objects in the city could prove to be more useful than simply shooting someone.


The world of Super Sniper! may be animated, but that doesn’t mean it is not realistic. Your rifle is your closest companion. You can use it to come up with unique and innovative ways to get rid of your targets.

Drop crates and boxes, and crush numerous targets with a single bullet. Each level is your playground.

You’ll even get feedback on your shots to improve on your accuracy! The camera work comes to life when you see your bullet tracked as it is fired to its destination.
super sniper mod apk

Unique Features of Super Sniper!

· Bullet tracking: Travel with your bullet in this game as you see exactly where the shot hits.

· Increasing challenges: Advance in the game to stimulate your mind with more difficult opponents. There’s a level of difficulty to keep everybody engaged.

· Environmental advantages: Explore unique ways to get rid of your targets. A simple shot to the head may not be enough in this game. Take advantage of the objects in the city.

· 3-D Stickman Graphics: Where everybody is a stickman, there’s no need to worry about gore, and graphic content. This simulated experience is one for all.


Track the movements of your targets. You will see that they are following a certain path.

Use as few shots as possible and take them all out at once. Concentrate on the environments and the breakables therein for the most satisfying kills!

Build up your streak and score big!


Now, with the modified version, you can reduce their health to zero with a single shot! Spend your coins power up the bullet in the rifle in order to deal immense damage.

Get the most from your game with this version.
download super sniper mod apk

The Super Sniper! MOD APK also comes with additional features such as:

  • · Unlimited Coins
  • · Offline FPS Shooting
  • · Dozens of levels to keep you engaged
  • · Lethal weapons for your professional sniping experience


Download the latest MOD for Super Sniper! and prepare for stealth action. The only outcome from the game is that you will enjoy playing it as you take command of a lethal sniper. Give it your best shot.

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