Sword Art OL Anime Mod Apk

Download Sword Art Online Integral Factor 1.4.4 MOD APK and utilize your sword art skills to defeat monsters and accumulate points. You have to consistently sharpen your skills to eliminate the enemies lest they kill you!

App Details
Name Sword Art OL:Anime Games
Package com.sword.artol
Updated 2019-12-27
Publisher xiaoer
Category Roleplaying
Version 1.0.0
Sizes 89M
Requires 4.4
Price Free

Description of Sword Art Online Integral Factor

The original version of Sword Art Online Integral Factor was inspired by a Japanese animated film known as “The Sword Art Online”. The film was produced in Bandai. In the film, players used a virtual reality hat, called Nerve Gear, to think.

In 2017, the Sword Art Online Integral Factor was launched by Bandai. It mimics the original scene of the animated movie.

Sophisticated Gameplay

Once players join the game, they become one of the approximately 10,000 players trapped in the Sword Art Online World. Once the player enters the virtual world, they are obliged to use their sword art skills to eliminate all the monsters located on the 100 floors of the Aincrad. Immediately the players sign in for the game, they are not allowed to exit until they kill all the monsters or die.

Tips for Playing Sword Art Online Integral Factor

The game gives the player the unique ability to customize their looks which personalizes it. For example, the player can choose between sexes, hair color, body shape, and eye color!

To successfully overcome all the enemies in the virtual world, the player must develop their character through continuous engagement in battles. The more the player rises through the indexes, the more skills they will gain which will make it easier to slay the last remaining monster. Additionally, the player can accumulate different types of weapons which can be used intermittently to increase the chances of winning the war.

Also, the player will have the opportunity to gather more sophisticated weapons thus increasing their index of strength and experience. Constant engagement in wars and several killings will help you achieve desirable power that will translate into a better winning chance.

Exciting Graphics

The Sword Art Online Integral Factor has outstanding 3D graphics designed using the adorable Anime style. The background color is elaborate with the chance to change it to suit your desires. Additionally, the player will enjoy the breathtaking background environment characterized by majestic buildings, walkways, forests, paths, and other outstanding features that makes it appear real!

MOD Version of the Sword Art Online Integral Factor 1.4.4

The new MOD version of the game has unlimited money which helps the player to unlock strong weapons necessary to kill the monsters.

MOD Features

  • Magnificent Third View. The camera can rotate 360 degrees which allow an unlimited view
  • Improved Graphics. Better background view making the game more enjoyable
  • Fight in more than 100 levels with thousands of other players
  • A more modernized menu for ease of navigation


Download Sword Art Online Integral Factor 1.4.4 MOD APK version and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll enjoy every minute you play the game with multiple customization options!

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