TeamSpeak 3 Mod Apk

Download TeamSpeak 3 Apk to experience advanced communication for both private and group use. Besides, the app is compatible with diverse platforms to accommodate all users.

App Details
Name TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software
Package com.teamspeak.ts3client
Updated 2020-04-16
Publisher TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
Category Communication
Version 3.3.5
Sizes 0 bytes
Requires VARY
Price 0.99

What You Need to Know About TeamSpeak 3

Thanks to a collection of advanced technologies woven together to form a convenient and economical platform, TeamSpeak 3 makes voice chats popular and safe. Besides, it accommodates text messages between users across the globe. With a simple internet connection, the application allows you to have unlimited communication of your cost without worrying about cost implications.

Also, the user interface is very accommodating and simple to navigate. Compared to other apps in its class, TeamSpeak 3 gives its users better services. Its advanced features are tailored made to make your chats secure, and voice calls very smooth. The superior sound quality and heightened security are a motivation for more users to use the application for their daily communication.

TeamSpeak 3 Main Features and User Tips

Quality Sound – The application offers impressive clarity for all its users. Poor internet connection does not cause unnecessary lag, as they microphone adjusts volume automatically. Besides, the echo cancelation feature further enhances the user’s experience.

Text Chats – Texting is still common and useful in many cases. As such, TeamSpeak 3 chose to retain the feature for those that value group chats.

Heightened Security – Thanks to innovative technology used, the security encryption of the app is at the military level. Data gets encrypted before transmission. This gives the application an upper hand among its competitors, as developers have no access to user data. Besides, you are not required to undertake a registration process before using the app.

Multiple Servers Connection – the application allows its users connection to several servers simultaneously, and one can save their favorite servers for more convenience.

Unlimited Data Transfer – Users have the freedom to share unlimited files without compromising on the efficiency of the operating system.

3D Sound Quality - TeamSpeak 3 offers its users the best quality sound, allowing authentic and audible conversions. Besides, the app offers a surround system when using headphone despite your device configuration settings.

Download TeamSpeak 3 APK

To experience a boost in communication convenience, get the MOD version of the software into your phone. Here you get to enjoy communication with a person miles apart as though they are seated next to you. The latest version of TeamSpeak 3 comes with server software for the developers and clients, allowing better security and convenience. A dedicated server hosts client software and allows several client connections. The client-server can host millions of simultaneous users without any delays.

TeamSpeak 3 Apk Features

  • Synched bookmarks
  • Multiple server connectivity
  • PTT and voice stimulation feature
  • Contacts and identity manager


With the TeamSpeak 3 Mod, you have no reason to limit your private or group communication. Experience the new era of chatting possibilities with the new version of the app.

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