Torrent Search Engine Mod Apk

Download Torrent Search Engine Apk into your android device to get the latest movies upon release. The app can be downloaded by anyone and allows easy access to digital content.

App Details
Name Torrent Search Engine
Updated 2020-03-10
Publisher MSaqib
Category Tools
Version 3.1.1
Sizes 4.9M
Requires 4.4
Price Free

A Detailed Review of Torrent Search Engine

With easy increased access to cheap and fast internet, there was a need to offer users versatility in getting movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, and other videos. As such, Torrent Search developed for android devices. The file size of the app is 2.5MB, making it small enough even for your smart TVs. The Torrent Search Engine can be merged with Torrent downloading platform making it easy to download your favorite movies. The search engine is twice as fast compared to your standard browser, as it is small and efficient.

Torrent Search Engine Features and Background Information

There is little to write about the storyline of Torrent Search Engine as it was developed recently. However, we can talk about the features of the app, since it is designed for the millennials. Many famous movies, software, and music albums can be downloaded via the internet. As such, users save on the cost of acquiring such content. Besides, users can download some paid software such as antivirus at no extra cost.

One stunning feature of torrents browser is the filter feature allowing users access content from specific providers. This way, convenience is enhanced as fraudulent providers are weeded off. Besides, you can access the Torrent Search Engine using your standard browser.

Graphics and Music

Whenever you are downloading a movie, picture, and sound quality, rank top of your concerns. With Torrent Search Engine integrated into the downloading platform, you choose your preferred quality. For music videos, you get quality sound as released by the provider.

Besides, whenever you want to access software, quality and size are never affected, nor is it infected with a virus. You will be happy to note the smart browser is quite addictive owing to its convenience and reliability.

Download Torrent Search Engine APK

The Modified version of the browser is quite versatile as it can filter out users without seeders. As such, you eliminate any broken torrents. Besides, users can sort torrents based on file size, seeders, and peers, among others. As a result, you get convenience on steroids since you get precise results every time you search the engine.

Torrent Search Engine APK Features

  • More providers
  • Smaller app sizer
  • Frequent torrent users detector
  • Stability and search enhancements
  • Select default torrent provider in the settings
  • Multiple search option in the settings
  • Customize your RSS feeds

Torrent Search Engine User Tips

To facilitate smooth user experience, download the latest version of Torrent Search Engine APK for more search options. For instance, you can set the following search criteria:

  • Latest torrents
  • Speed
  • Size
  • Seeders
  • Oldest.


Finally, get the Torrent Search Engine into your android device to experience futuristic convenience whenever you search.

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