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App Details
Name VIMAGE - cinemagraph & live photo effects overlays
Updated 2020-03-06
Publisher vimage
Category Photography
Sizes 81.19 MB
Requires 5.0
Price Free

Analysis of VIMAGE

VIMAGE is a leading animation maker that is well known to almost every animation enthusiast on the planet.

Even though the concept of Cinemagraph is relatively new for mobile users, VIMAGE developers have really done their homework well.

Preceding animation makers can include many images all at once.

These images will then be displayed by the book flip effect.

But the narrative is quite different for Cinemagraphs.

As a user, you’ll have the privilege of customizing any part of the image in the animation.

For instance, you can include in an image a fire effect.

The other part of the image will remain untouched while there would be a noticeable movement only around the flame.

Previously, the art of making Cinemagraphs was a pretty difficult task, demanding for sophisticated PC and software.

With the software, users can currently use all the types of effects they want to their pictures.

Any tablet or smartphone that has the app installed should be able to carry out this function.

The software comes with more than 140 effects that users can use when they are customizing their photos.

Also, the effects are usefully grouped into sections like plants, festivals, sports or animals.

This will aid users to locate the correct effects that they desire for their photos without any hassle.

Also, aside from supporting advance photo editing effects, VIMAGE is also good for adding effects to photos on the basic level.

This basic feature will allow you to basically edit your photos.

Download VIMAGE Mod APK

The mod version of this application goes one step ahead of the original version to make sure that users enjoy the animation creation experience.

When users download the application, they’ll be using the free version of the app which requires no cost.

But when they desire a superior experience, then it would become necessary that they upgrade to the premium version of the app.

But then, the mod version of this app has already bridged that gap by providing a premium experience to users who use the mod version.


VIMAGE is an exceptional software that currently stands as a very handy solution to your Cinemagraph animations needs.

VIMAGE features smooth operation, easy to use interface, and a large plethora of different customization effects.

It only takes a few minutes to create a perfect photo for the showing off with your friends.

Photo and animation have never been easier to create.

Download VIMAGE mod apk now.

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