Whatawalk 2 Mod Apk

Download Whatawalk 2 Mod Apk to play a fascinating game where you have to maintain a balance walking between slabs or fall into the water. With simple controls, you set the distance you want to move and avoid the bomb or start all over again.

App Details
Name Whatawalk: What A Walk 2
Package com.weegoon.whatawalk2
Updated 2020-06-05
Publisher WEEGOON
Category Arcade
Version 1.1.3
Sizes 42M
Requires 4.1
Price Free

Whatawalk 2 Introduction

You will be required to set new distance records by moving the furthest while avoiding bombs dropped by the evil opponent. Besides, you can customize your characters as much as you desire and get to share your achievements with your friends. Playing the online mode helps you compare and discover better ways of moving around without getting hurt by the falling explosives.

Whatawalk 2 Apk

Whatawalk 2 Gameplay

You have a unique opportunity of engrossing yourself in a fun world of fun-filled with ridiculous characters. Here you get to play both the villain and the hero. The controls are super easy and a simplified plot since this the advanced version of the first release. You can never explore the full potential of the fun as you solving one funny mission will get you hooked to the gameplay.

Always remember if the dummy’s legs get into the water, you lose the game and start. However, you can partially solve this by getting the mannequin’s legs to hang close to the sea. Besides, you can invite your friends to the gameplay and get to see who survives. Group play is always more entertaining as you get to compare your skills and see who is getting crowned as the walking champion.

Top Features

  • Relaxing and addictive game
  • Simple yet entertaining
  • Diverse and funny characters
  • Simplified gameplay
  • Traps to spice up your play
  • Spin the wheel when you have enough of the drama

Download Whatawalk 2 for Android

Experience the beast mode in the game by directly downloading the Mod version of the game for unending fun. Here you solve all the problems of insufficient coins for your upgrades and pricy skins. Besides, you do not have to play for months to accumulate enough coins to access more fun, download the Mod version of the game, and everything ready after installing.

Whatawalk 2 Apk Download

Whatawalk 2 Mod Apk Latest Version Features  

  • Bugs fixed
  • New levels added
  • Unlimited money
  • Optimized graphics and performance for all android devices


Lastly, we can talk about the game as your best friend in killing boredom as explore a new gaming style. Whatawalk 2 Mod Apk Free Download is your solution to lacking enough cash for your upgrading; you gain a competitive advantage when playing with your peers. Hence, we recommend the game for all your entertainment demands in the dynamic world of fun. Master your steps with skill or start all over again.

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